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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lost in the Cornfield

"Lost In The Cornfield" was hung up today on my seasonal wall and I thought I would share it with you. It's a good one for this time of year because the corn is so high and growing so well in most parts of the country. But it also has another meaning for me as well--SLOW DOWN!!!!!! These little chicks are in a big hurry don't you think? They end up running in circles, which is what we so often find ourselves doing--so much that we meet ourselves as we turn the corner. I had this quilt hanging in my office when I worked in Medical Records at a nursing home and called it "Lost In Medical Records". It seemed fitting since there was always so much paper work in medical records and at times it seemed overwhelming as so often life can seem overwhelming, too.

Maybe that's why I find quilting to be such a "pieceful" undertaking--it is broken down into little pieces--sure we look at the end goal and see the whole, but we break it down into little pieces to actually do it and therein lies the key--taking the little parts to make the whole--as maybe we should for life perhaps?


Debi said...

Great seasonal quilt, love the chickens. I will inspire you, if you will keep me inspired. BTW, how is the TB BOM coming???

Jan said...

Thanks Debi. Haven't even looked at the TB BOM yet--how about yours? Guess that's not much inspiration from me, huh??!!LOL!!