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Monday, August 27, 2007

Time in a Bottle!

Quite a few years ago, I made this quilt Time in a Bottle. I based it on the song "Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce. The first line was "If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do..."

So I made bottles and filled them with things I like to do and have liked to do in my life. There's tea parties with my daughters and now granddaughters, music for time to play the piano and pretend to sing! Time to watch the clouds go by, time spent on a vacation in Hawaii and time spent enjoying chocolate. Paddington Bear is in a bottle to remind me of the times I spent reading--to my girls and to myself! One block is dolls and several are flowers reminding me to stop and smell the roses and also to remember lovely gardens that I have cultivated in the past.

I'm sure you get the idea. There's also a bottle where butterflies are flying out--signifying the time that gets away from us all.....

This quilt was a lot of fun to design and sew and think about. I could have filled a hundred more bottles with things that I like to do!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

Very pretty and what a great idea. Jim Croce was always a favorite singer of mine.

JanJ said...

That's a very nice quilt, Jan. What a creative idea to make that quilt.

Sheryl said...

I love the idea of the bottles! I have done jars and fish bowls, but I never thought of the bottles--genius! The chocolate bottle is my favorite!

Jeanne said...

Great bottle quilt! I always loved Jim Croce songs, especially that one.