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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chickens and birdhouses??

My fellow quilter/friend Pollyanna aka Doris posted a picture on the QP forum of her chicken exercising quilt and so I got to thinking about mine and had to pull it out and put it up on my seasonal wall. Maybe it will encourage me to get on the treadmill! I giggle every time I see those silly chickens! This was a pattern that came from a Dutch website that I can no longer find to give them the credit for the pattern--sorry. It's from about 2 years ago. I used several techniques on the quilt--from color crayons to embroidery and patchwork--it was a fun one to do!

The second picture is of the Blooming Birdhouse block and is the third block in the Forever Flowers BOM. It will have sunflowers and a bluebird on it. At least I hope it will. Those sunflowers look hard to do and I may save them for the retreat in September that the applique teacher will be heading up!

Yesterday at Sit N Sew we were talking about cleaning out our sewing rooms and getting rid of projects that had been around for "too long"--ones that we knew we were never going to finish because we had lost interest or we didn't like anymore or were just plain "ugly!" One gal was just plain throwing hers out and another gal was tagging hers for a scrap sale that her guild was having. Either way sounds good to me--I like the idea of starting over or starting fresh--it gives you a clean feeling where you know you don't have those things hanging over your head anymore and you give yourself permission to forge onward to new things!!!!

So this afternoon I will be spending time in my sewing room cleaning out and sorting through and putting things aside for the one gal's scrap sale and who knows--maybe *gasp* throwing out.....

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Terri said...

I love your excersizing roosters! What a great idea for in front of the evil treadmill :)

Jan said...

Thanks Terri!

Debi said...

Love those chickens, or are they roosters??? Cleaning out is always a good thing, most of mine get thrown out (ouch)unless I give them away to others to make charity quilts...

JanJ said...

That is a cute, cute chicken quilt, Jan. Nice job! And, I love the birdhouse block.....I can see a bluebird with it. You do such nice work.
I ought to clean out some stuff, but I just can't throw away much yet. Maybe someday. I have a little grandaughter who is learning to quilt, so she might need some of those scraps or those blocks I have to make something.