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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Schoolhouse Rock Rocks!

The Schoolhouse Rock top is finished and ready to baste and quilt! I love how the pencils march around the schoolhouses all ready to stand up and write! I'd better get busy and quilt this one in order to hang it up for the 1st of September since that is just a couple of days away!

I've been so busy working on my challenge blocks that I set the schoolhouse aside for a couple of days! The ideas for the challenge blocks came to me and haunted me until I finished them! Wish I could show you pictures, but since they're not due till October 1st, I can't! Last night as I was stitching on the applique one, Maynard reminded me, "The blocks are due October 1st, not September 1st!"

Seems like I don't like to let things go until the last minute, while others get the most done when there is a deadline facing them. Good thing we all work differently, isn't it or maybe nothing would get done!!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

What a cute quilt. The school houses and the pencils are adorable. I know some child will love this quilt, great job.

Jan said...

Thanks Debi--I know some child would love this quilt, too, but I'm being selfish and keeping this one for myself!!!This one will be my September quilt for my seasonal wall!!

swooze said...

Love this quilt. Glad you mentioned the pencils as I missed them initially.

Jan said...

Thanks Swooze!