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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pumpkins in August???

Yesterday at Tuesday Sit N Sew several of us were picking out orange fabric for pumpkin quilts even though the heat index hovered around 100+ degrees. Made me feel a little bit cooler to think fall thoughts!

Here is one of the finished pumpkins and the fall leaves to go with my pumpkins. Every time I do paper pieceing, I think "never again," but I always find something else that I like that's paper pieced and this pattern on my Quilt Wizard was no exception. So after tweaking it to my liking, I trudged forward and did the paper pieced pumpkins and once again after doing one said, "Never again!" and I still have 4 left to do. I did learn now to do freezer paper paper piecing once in a class, but it's all the same idea, ya know??!!

But it's good that we all have likes and dislikes in the quilting world because otherwise who would buy all the boatloads of notions and diverse array of fabrics? Who would try all the variety of techniques and actually prefer to do paper pieceing or applique (you know who you are, Sheryl!!) I know I prefer just plain old piecing and am happiest doing that, but find fun wandering into the forest of "other" techniques every now and then--just for fun and something to "blog" about!!!!

PS to this post: I have added this again today because I had trouble with the blog yesterday and today, so I am sorry I lost my comments from you from Wednesday. I apologize for this. Hopefully this will be the last of the problems!!!!!


Debi said...

Woohooo, I am so glad your blog is up and running again. I just love those pumpkins. The fabrics you chose are excellent.

Sheryl said...

Jan, I like your fall blocks. Maybe that is what I need to do--think about fall and not about this broiling heat! I should whack up a bunch of scraps and piece something, but I'll probably applique leaves! LOL You are right about the diversity of interests. It's keeping the quilting industry alive.

Jan said...

Thanks Debi--I'm glad the glitch is gone, too--I hope!!! So far so good!!!

Jan said...

Thanks Sheryl! Will love to see your leaves when they are done! I did my share this week keeping the quilting industry in business--how about you??!! LOL