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Friday, August 31, 2007

Twinklers are a-twinkling!

Finished the Twinklers quilt top and the stars do twinkle! It was fun to do and I recommend it as a great stashbuster! I used up quite a few fat quarters and some leftovers of off-whites! All of this quilt was from the stash. What a great feeling! After quilting and binding this quilt will go to the East Texas Chapter of Project Linus.

The block pictured is for a "comfort quilt" for a friend on the Quilting Passion forum who is going through a rough patch right now and this is our way of cheering her up. Many of us on the forum send a block to one person who sets them together, quilts, binds, and labels the quilt, then sends it to our friend.

The block is called Rosebud and is from Marcia Hohn's site Quilter's Cache. This site is a wonderland of quilt blocks that Marcia develops and then shares free of cost with the quilting world. She asks that we honor her copyright, which I feel is the right thing to do and not too much to ask! What a wonderful service she provides! She is a lovely lady and her patterns and instructions are the bestest (my made-up word!!!)

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

Great quilt Jan, I really like those colors. What a cheery design. Your block for Rose is really pretty. I made mine, but when I measured it, it came out to 12 1/4" instead of 12 1/2. So I guess I will have to use the scan 1/4" and redo the block.

JanJ said...

I love your Twinklers top, Jan! What a great way to use up stash.
Your block for the comfort quilt is pretty also. As I made one, I decided that Val hit on a great color scheme. It's so soft and feminine.