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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Today I finished this top: a Yellow Brick Road done in a baby print for friends of ours who are adopting a baby. Such fun to do in this cute baby animal print. The fabrics don't show up as such in the picture, but they are all swirls prints and not plain like they look. Lots of visual content!

"They" say that babies like bright things and contrasting colors..... In fact I made my grandson, Nathan, a Baby Genius quilt that would knock your socks off it is so bright, but I think he likes it!!!!!!

For his brother, Evan, Maynard designed and we made together a Memory Game quilt that was very bright also. I guess we gravitate toward the brights!!!!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



swooze said...

Nice quilts. I do love that BRIGHT one!

Debi said...

Wonderful quilts Jan. Your YBR is really pretty. I am sure Evan really liked the baby genious one!

Jan said...

Thanks, Swooze. I love the bright ones, too!

Jan said...

Thanks Debi. I really like making the YBR pattern!

JanJ said...

All 3 quilts are gorgeous! I am so amazed at how many quilts you put out each year. Do you ever sleep?

Anne Gentle said...

Oh Nathan absolutely loves his quilt. We put it out on the floor and he laughs and crawls over to it. Sometimes he puts his head down on it and smiles at us because he wants us to pat him and say "night-night!" It's hilarious when he does that. Here's a picture: Nathan's quilt