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Friday, August 3, 2007

Anne's Sunshine!

Today I finished the top of this quilt for my daughter, Anne. It's from the April Cornell collection called "Sunshine." The original pattern is from Suzy's in Garland, Texas called "Stars and More." I made it half the size of the original pattern. The fabric was such fun to work with --besides being soft and easy to handle, the colors made me happy as I worked with them.

It didn't turn into a "What was I thinking" or "why did I start this" type of quilt as some have in the past! Maybe that's why we have an unfinished pile or UFO's---we start something with good intentions and really love what we are doing, but then something better comes along and off we go down another "rabbit trail" following another bright idea until our pile of UFO's is bigger than what we want it to be--oh dear, how did that happen?

Now we feel over whelmed. This is what has happened to me and now I want things to be DONE and I've forgotten how to enjoy the journey. Really it's okay if things aren't done, what's the hurry anyway, unless you do really and truly have a deadline, why not just enjoy the process???!


Debi said...

My sentiments exactly. The quilt turned out beautiful. I know Anne is going to love it. You did a fantastic job.

Quilting Journey said...

What and adorable quilt. It makes me happy just looking at it :) And as for your theory on UFO's....I think you hit the pin on the head!

Jan said...

Thanks so much Debi!

Jan said...

Thanks Quilting Journey for reading my blog and for your kind words!

Anne Gentle said...

I'm so excited to put this in our window seat in the master bedroom! You did an awesome job. Thanks so much, I love it.