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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Working on "Twinklers" today--a pattern from a new book called Slash Your Stash Quilts by Claudia E. Plett. Claudia is the moderator of the Quilt Shoppe forum and has a wonderful webpage that is full of great ideas and an Ask Granny column that is full of quilty tips and laughs!

Step 1 shows all the 2.5" and 1.5" squares I cut out of my plaid and solid homespuns and light beige and tans. I went a little crazy cutting and probably have enough for 3 quilts cut here!

Step 2 shows the chain piecing of the 1.5" squares to the corners of the 2.5" squares to get the points on the stars.

Step 3 shows 2 completed blocks. Easy peasy! Just the kind of non-thinking kind of thing I need for a dreary sort of day outside and inside of my mind today, too!

I thought the name was so appropriate for this quilt--"Twinklers"-- the stars in the picture in the book seem to twinkle and I hope mine do too! The word just brings a smile to my face and I hope this quilt will bring joy to the child who receives it, since I will be sending it to Project Linus.

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



JanJ said...

Cute blocks, Jan. I think it is going to be a lovely quilt and some child is going to really enjoy it. I keep meaning to order Claudia's book. Need to get that done. :)

Jan said...

Thanks, Jan! There are several quilts in her book that I want to make!