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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Practice Makes Perfect??

Today I went to an on-going needle-turn applique class at my favorite LQS taught by a lovely lady named Zita. After ripping out the centers of my flowers in Forever Flowers, Block One, I tried again with her help. She taught me how to do tiny stitches and to stay on the line as I turned the fabric under and that I needed good light and that I needed to Practice, Practice, Practice....Hummmmm.......... where I have I heard that phrase before---well, in just about everything I have ever tried from piano playing to pie crust making!!!!!

We don't like to hear that do we? We want to be able to do everything right away and do it well, but I could see an improvement in my stitches as I worked this afternoon---in just 2 hours time, so I know she's right. And of course, being a mother how many times did I tell my kids the same thing....what goes around comes around, I guess!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

Needle turn applique...hummmm not something I have learned to do..maybe you can teach me! I am sure it turned out beautiful.

Jan said...

Thanks Debi--let's just say I'm in the learning process and a picture that's not a close-up (mine are not close-ups) hides a lot!!!!!!