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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Wonderful Thank You!

Last year in 2006 Maynard and I made 100 quilts for Project Linus through the forum at Quilting Passion. As a surprise to thank us, members of the forum sent us 30 yards of the most amazing fabrics. What a wonderful and truly touching outreach of love and tribute to our quiltmaking! We were blown away to put it mildly!

So of course, I got busy looking for the perfect patterns to make that wonderful fabric into quilts that would show off such marvelous fabrics to the best of my ability and here they are! The first one is "DLightful Stars" by Jackie Theriot of Black Cat Creations. The blue and yellow fabric just had to be stars, I thought!

The second one is renamed from a pattern called "Crow's Feet" to "QP Fall Friends" from a pattern from a Fons and Porter magazine. It has 480 HSTs in it--I used Thangles to make those, but bought the wrong size so end up trimming them all anyway--at least they were all the exact size!!!!

Both quilts were fun to do and brought a lot of joy to my heart as I thought of the friends who had sent the fabric. Thanks again to one and all for thinking of us in this special way!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

You and Maynard are so deserving. To create/piece/quilt/donate 100 quilts to PL is a remarkable accomplish...I applaud both of you!

Jan said...

Thanks Debi!!!!

Sheryl said...

Jan, it was my great pleasure to be part of sending you the fabrics, and you certainly did them justice! You both deserved a big tribute for the dedication you gave to PL. (And Maynard deserved a reprieve for the family bank account--LOL!)

Jan said...

Thanks Sheryl!

JanJ said...

They are both beautiful quilts, Jan! You did a great job and no one deserved the fabric more than you and Maynard.

Jan said...

Thanks JanJ! I appreciate your kind thoughts!