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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Home Again Home Again!

What is the saying--take your time going but hurry back--well, we had a wonderful time at our daughter and son-in-law's with the grandgirls ages 1.5 years and 4.5 years for our vacation, but it is nice to be home and have our old familiar things about us again! Guess everyone can say that about the going and coming of a vacation!

Here is the first block of the Forever Flowers BOM (Block of the Month) with the applique finished, now I have to finish the bias cut edges and one block will be completely done. The second block is started with the piecing done and some of the applique started. I have some catching up to do though since here it is the first of August already tomorrow and we will be picking up another block--I know everyone says it--where does the time go? It really does seem like the time goes by too fast--even the younger folks say so too. But not much we can do about it, except use it wisely and to the fullest!


pollyanna said...

Great block, Jan! It looks wonderful :) And I love the pictures of your grandgirls. I love the idea of making a memory quilt with them. Welcome home!

Debi said...

Beatiful blocks Jan, I am glad you arrived home safely.

Jan said...

Polly--thanks--I hope the block will look as good when I get the bias strips put on the edges!!! Thanks for the welcome home! Glad you like the pictures! We had a lot of fun!

Jan said...

Thanks Debi, now to get it finished up and on to the next one--this is just a 6 month BOM and I hope to stay caught up!