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Monday, July 16, 2007

Mystery Quilt #18.....

This mystery quilt wasn't too much of a mystery because I had already tried it once and the way it turned out was less than satisfactory, so I tried again with different fabric, so maybe this should be called "Less of a Mystery"?! It's a quilt pattern from a great website called Quilting Passion --a place filled with wonderful patterns and information AND a Forum that is a warm, friendly place to hang out.

Step one was strips sewed together into a square. Step 2 was the rows of alternating patches and plain squares and Step 3 is the finished product with 3" border. Very simple! My pictures are in backwards order, but next time, I'll know how to do it the right way---if I remember!!! There's a learning curve here!

This quilt will go to Project Linus, an organization near and dear to my heart where comfort quilts are given to children in need, who are sick and/or in the hospital. Last year Maynard (my hubby of 39+ years) and I were able to make and donate 100 comfort quilts to this worthy organization. This year we've only been able to make about 30 so far, but more to come!
Let quilting help you make someone smile!


L. said...

That's a beautiful focus fabric!

Lynn in NC

Jan said...

Thanks Lynn, I picked that up at the Dallas Quilt Show!