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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two new blocks for Thimbleberries BOM!

Here are 2 new blocks for the Thimbleberries 2007 Warm and Cozy BOM. Now to put it together! From here on out it is just spacers and borders, I think, so lots of cutting and sewing still to go! It will be quite large when finished--96" x 108". Don't know if this will fit on our quilting frame or not--have to measure and find out--otherwise will be sending it out to be quilted!

If I had been doing this I think I would have done it differently--of course, I'm playing Monday morning quarterback here from the big game on Sunday afternoon-- (Very big grin), but I would have done more during each quarter, eg. cut out the borders and make more than one block on some of the smaller blocks. It didn't seem like there was enough to do for 3 months time. I've heard other people comment this same way. Maybe Thimbleberries will take some of our comments to heart and change the "rules" next time. It just seems like so much is left for the last quarter and I would like to see it spread out more over the whole year! This isn't just Thimbleberries way of doing BOMs--this has been the case with others, too.

Any other thoughts on the subject?

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Myra said...

Looks good Jan. I am like you when it comes to BOM's - when I get to the last block, I want to be able to put it together and finish it, not have to make spacers and fillers and such. Can't wait to see it when you have it all finished.

Debi said...

Way to go Jan, I have not even picked up my last installment, maybe I can tomorrow. These blocks look great.