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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Organization=Great Birthday Present!

For my birthday, my husband got me a great organizer--it measures 12"x12" in each drawer and of course, I was able to fill it up in about 5 minutes. Now many of the things that I had sitting out are nice and organized--I love that!!! Along with a gift certificate to Amazon.com, I think he did very well!!! I got so many nice cards and calls from family and I loved all of that! The girls at Sit N Sew had a card for me and sang Happy Birthday and had strawberries and pound cake (yummmm!!)and I loved that, too. All in all a great 62nd birthday!!

On Saturday we went to a MAKE FAIRE in Austin with our daughter and her family, which was a wonderful exhibit of all kinds of things to create--not the usual arts and crafts, but unusual things--electronics, cars covered with yarn (the yarn was attached with velcro!), kite bikes, things to make out of recyclables that didn't look recycled, and so on. My grandson liked the little electronic mouse that scooted around and followed the light of a flashlight. There was even a hand quilting exhibit and a knitting booth where they had the old fashioned knitting spool--anybody remember those--a spool with nails around the top so you could make cording? There are 2 magazines associated with the FAIRE--MAKE and CRAFT. For my birthday, my daughter got me a subscription to the magazine CRAFT--it reads almost like a book with concise informative articles on a wealth of information--very interesting! So much fun to learn something new!

I'm still putting borders on the Thimbleberries BOM--seems like there are a billion of them!! Lots of measuring to do when you do borders, seems to be taking a long time, I guess!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Bren said...

What a wonderful birthday gift and a wonderful husband!!!

JanJ said...

That's a great birthday gift! Way to go, Maynard! I think I will put that on my Christmas list.