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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Quilter's Go Quilting-- A Panel Story!

Found this wonderful panel on the sale table at my favorite LQS and just had to have it for my quilting room! The whole panel is filled with such fun sayings, I chose 2 of my favorites to highlight in the pictures. Vickey (the owner of Quilt Merchantile) said she chose the panel because of the one where they are looking at a map that says they are in the middle of nowhere because sometimes she feels like their quilt shop is in the middle of nowhere!!! (It's in a very small town!) But lots of people seem to find their way there because some days when we are there for Sit and Sew they are very, very busy!!!!


dd2 said...

Happy Birthday! Love ya!

swooze said...


Sheryl said...

So this is the birthday date! Happy Birthday, Jan!!

I hope we will get to visit the shop you mentioned when I am there at the end of November.

Debi said...

Hey, I love that panel...I think I have one like it, lol. Happy Birthday dear friend. Hope to see you soon.