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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another PL Quilt and picture of Glory Star?

Trying to post pictures again today and we will see if blogger is working!!! Want to show you Glory Star from yesterday (see below.) Hurrah, it is fixed and we are back in business!!!! This quilt was made with half square triangles and was fun to do as long as you kept the colors all in the right places!!

The other quilt was made from a pattern called Take 5. It says you can do the whole quilt in 5 hours. It was bigger than I wanted for Project Linus so I cut it out of FQs instead of 5/8th yard pieces and made 2 quilts out of the fabrics I had with just the additon of a few more pieces! I named it Stars At Night. Now these are in the pile to be quilted, which is growing and growing. I guess I should get busy and quilt some , but gosh, it's just so much more fun to make the quilts instead of quilting the quilts! Do you have a favorite part of quilting that you like to do more that the others?

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Bren said...

I love the Glory Star!! Of course your LQ will be a blessing to someone.

kcamou said...

Great star! And I really like the LP quilt and so will the recipient. Hmmm... my favorite part, not sure. But my least favorite part would be basting, followed by binding.

Debi said...

Great PL quilts, they are so bright and cheery.