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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Quilt Patterns Everywhere!!

Seems everywhere you look you can see a quilt pattern!--These tile were on the floor of the Mall of America! Aren't they gorgeous and wouldn't they make beautiful quilts? A bit above (way!) my expertise and experience, but lovely to look at none the less!!! We were at the Mall of America during our trip 2 weeks ago to Wisconsin, when we flew into Minneapolis. Mall of America is huge and there's no way we could see it all in the 3 hours that we had that day, but we managed to touch the "highlights" and had fun seeing those. No quilt store in that great big mall though--can you imagine???!!

Had fun this afternoon when a group of gals from our Tuesday Sit N Sew group came to our house to watch Maynard run the Little Gracie Pro II with Juki machine. One of the gals had said she would like to see the whole operation from start to finish instead of just the little bit they show you at the quilt shows and so I invited them for a look-see! We had a fun time and everyone tried their hand at sewing with the machine. Everyone did great!!! Now I wonder who will be the first one to have their own machine?!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

I am so glad you gals had a great time. I can't wait for Maynard to show me how to use those pantographs.

swooze said...

I look for those designs in things as well.

Sheryl said...

That tile design is gorgeous! It looks like an applique project to me. If someone would just draw it up in one of the Electric Quilter programs, I could make it!

Jeanne said...

I take pictures of floors, ceilings, etc., too. Your pictures are so good I thought they WERE quilts, at first.
Glad you were able to spend some time at the Mall.