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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Glory Star and PL Quilt!

Glory Star was a pattern I found in Minnesota at a little shop--Rosebud's Cottage -- and loved it, so , of course I had to have it and the fabric to make it!!! It is from a company called Country Threads. It was easy enough to do as long as you kept the colors straight in your mind as to where they would go!!! I'm unable to post a picture of Glory Star today, but maybe will be able to tomorrow.

Trucks, Trucks is a pattern that was from a LQS that had been printed locally. I cut it out wrong :( so it really doesn't resemble the original pattern--oh well, some little boy will love the construction trucks on the fabric, I hope. Even though I cut it out wrong, I just couldn't bear to throw it away, so I trudged onward and made up my own design--is that making lemonade out of lemons or something like that???!!!

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Debi said...

Love the bright colors in this quilt.