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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Little Stars and Their Big Sisters!

Here are 3 little stars and their big sisters ready to go into the big quilt! I made the little stars the opposites of the big stars and like the way they give some change in the looks of the way the quilt will be laid out. Hopefully I can finish this one this week and move on to the next project! I picked up the final BOM for the Thimbleberries Warm and Cozy yesterday at the LQS, so will be working on that next. Right on schedule with that, since it was a year ago that my dear hubby gave me that as my birthday present--the gift that keeps on giving ---- a BOM for a BD!!! Now what to choose for this coming year!!

I'd like to finish the binding on the Wedding Rings since that is all quilted and looks so nice now. Also one of the grandgirls quilts is quilted and ready for a binding, too--what do I chose to do first?? Decisions, decisions.

I think I should chose what I don't like to do first and get that out of the way and I guess that would be the bindings--I don't mind the sewing down by hand, but it's the getting TO that part--making the binding and then sewing it on to the quilt (after trimming the quilt). Oh dear, such a complainer. Guess I should be glad I can do it, huh!!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Jeanne said...

Sewing the binding down by hand is one of my favorite parts. Maybe because it means it's done when I'm finished with it. VBG Good luck getting your bindings to that stage.

Debi said...

Your stars are really looking good, can't wait to see the entire quilt. I also like to sew the bindings.

swooze said...

Very nice. Progress of any kind is always good.

dd2 said...

Being a little sister myself, I love this quilt, just for the name you've given it. Plus, those retro fabrics are my favorites, as you know. I hope some little girl gets it through Project Linus.