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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Thimbleberries BOM Done!

House and Garden 2007 BOM from Thimbleberries is completely finished! The 1st picture is a picture of the top. The 2nd picture shows the quilting and the flap in the binding that I so dreaded doing in a close-up. Maynard is glad that this one is done with the quilting and I'm glad that it is finished! I think I won't be doing any big ones anymore--it was just too hard to maneuver around and sew and then quilt (I did help, though Maynard did the bulk of the quilting!) and then sew the binding on for these tired old arms! It will look lovely on the guest bed though!!

I also did the week 7 block from crazy mom quilts blog (3rd picture). Already week 7 of 12--how time flies when you are quilting! Everyone talks about fast time seems to go by--I think we are so busy that we cram so much into time that it seems to move at a quicker pace! It especially flies by when we are taking a nap, doesn't it? But I still like to slip those naps into my daily routine! Can't understand why my 4 year-old grandson fights taking a nap so much--I think he afraid he will miss something--although over the holidays when we were there visiting, his other grandma told me that he had said, "I like myself better when I have taken a nap!" Out of the mouths of babes comes great wisdom! Sometimes I feel the same way, Evan!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

I love the TB BOM, it is beautiful. Your block #7 is very pretty, I love your Christmas colors.

kcamou said...

Oh, your quilt is absolutely lovely!!! You should be proud to show each and every part of it. I can't wait to see what will come of the other blocks, they are so charming.