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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bed for Barbie

Here is the finished bed for Barbie, so now she has a place to lay her blonde head at night--doesn't have to sleep on the sofa anymore!! LOL!!! Making this furniture is a bit addicting--you make one and you want to make more and more! I'm going to make either a chest of drawers or an armoire for her bedroom next. Then I have a pattern for a kitchen and a bathroom that she probably will tell me she has to have after that!! Such fun! You'd think I was the one playing with Barbies and not the grandaughters!!! HA! HA!! Actually I didn't have Barbie type dolls when I was growing up many moons ago--just baby doll types that I spent many hours playing and pretending with. Maybe that's why I enjoy playing with Barbie type dolls so much now! I may have to make a quilt for Barbie's bed, don't you think?

Let quilting help you make someone smile



NanaK said...

Jan, this is just too cute for words. I don't do this type of needlework, but appreciate the work that goes into it.

Debi said...

What a great bed, I am sure the grandgirls are going to love these special gifts.

Myra said...

That is so cute Jan! Barbie definitely needs a quilt.

Bren said...

OMG!! That is too cute! My daughter would love that...she would prefer to play with Barbie's than to play baby dolls. I was a baby doll kinda girl!