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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thank you for being my friend!

Had a great morning with my dear friend Debi--first breakfast and then shopping at our favorite quilt store--what could be better!!! Debi gave me the neatest gift--a packet of charm squares and a jelly roll of the most beautiful fabrics--I don't want to unroll it because it's so pretty!!! She also gave me a towel set that has a poem on it that talks about Friendship being a Matter of the Heart--it's the most beautiful sentiment and I got teary eyed just reading it. Isn't it great to have a friend like that--I treasure our friendship and I want everyone to know what a great friend you are, Debi!

At the quilt store, I got the outer border fabric for my Heirloom Romance quilt, the first block in the new BOM, Rosebud Lane and treated myself to a new Beanpod candle; Cinnamon Spice--yummy. We like to keep one burning on the stove all the time--makes the house smell so good! Makes me sneeze, too, but I just blow it out when it gets too bad--LOL!!!
Picture 2 is a Project Linus quilt that I call "I Can Sing a Rainbow." It will go to a chapter here in Texas. The pattern in Yellow Brick Road by Terry Atkinson.

I found out yesterday that I will have to have surgery on my left shoulder where I have a torn rotator cuff and a bone spur. I will be out of commission for about a month with an arm sling--and then a few weeks of Physical Therapy after that---not sure just what I will be able to do or feel like doing during or after all of that! So in the next 2 weeks, I hope to get a lot of things caught up, although I'm in a lot of pain now if I do too much, so don't know how much I will get done!!!!!! But it will all be waiting for me when I do get back to it!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

Wow, you are quick. I am so glad you liked your goodies. Your quilt is lucious, is it for PL? Thanks for a wonderful morning.

Bren said...

Debi told me you guys would be out today. I thought of you several times wishing I was with! She is a wonderful friend, but she HAS one in you too!!!
So sorry about your shoulder. UGH!!!

NanaK said...

I'm envious of you two and your fun day! Sounds like you really had fun. Love your gifts!

Alycia said...

How nice to have such a great friend. I like your quilts. Hope your surgery goes quick and recovery even faster!

Jeanne said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with Debi. Sorry to hear that you will need surgery. I hope everything goes well and that the healing is fast.

JanJ said...

I'm glad that you and Debi had a wonderful day! Great gifts that you got also. I know they'll make a lovely quilt when you can.

So sorry to hear about your upcoming shoulder surgery, but the time will pass quicker than you think. Get all your old quilt magazines out and browse through them while you are recovering for some fresh ideas.