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Friday, January 11, 2008

A Hurt Wing

Yes, I am the Mother Hen with a hurt wing after a fall (that's what the doctor said to me yesterday!!!!!)--although it isn't broken, I am in a lot of pain and the doctor doesn't know what's wrong--I go for an MRI next week to check further, since the X-Rays came back showing nothing amiss! I have my left arm in a sling and it's not fun--no sewing for me--just embroidery for the next 6 weeks! So the picture shows what I worked on yesterday and today--embroidery on Heirloom Romance crazy blocks. Good thing I was able to get all but 10 of the blocks sewn up before I became disabled, so I have lots of embroidery to do, plus 6 more purses!

Maybe in a way this came at a good time, because I have all kinds of tops made for Project Linus and we need to have a time of getting caught up on the quilting of them and get them on their way to the kids that need them.

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Myra said...

Oh Jan, I am so sorry to hear you have a clipped wing. I do hope you recover quickly. I am glad you have some handwork to keep you busy while you recover.

Debi said...

Now if the time to take it easy, and don't do much of anything, just relax...it will all be there for you when you are better.

NanaK said...

Sorry to hear that you have a "wing" problem and hope it heals soon and without event. You're lucky to be able to embroider during the recovery time. Take care!