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Monday, January 5, 2009

First Project Linus Quilt for 2009!

Here is the first Project Linus Quilt for 2009--all finished up and ready to join the others ready to go and someday soon I need to take them to the drop off point! I found a new drop off point that is closer and I just need to DO IT!!! Today we have ice coating everything so I'm staying close in and have not even ventured out to get the mail--just think it is safer to stay inside where it is warm and cosy--even the dog thinks so today!!!! Poor husband had to go back to work today and drove off in the rain--hadn't started freezing when he left, maybe it wasn't too bad yet and maybe will melt before he travels home, ---we can always hope!

Working on cutting out a Mystery Quilt today--it's not really a mystery because the pattern is all there, but that's the name of it---quite a few pieces in this one--I'm cutting it out now and will take it to retreat next month when our Sit N Sew group goes to Create Away up in the Northern part of Texas. These retreats are always so much fun--not only a good chance to get away and get lots of sewing done, but also a good chance to get to know other quilters better. And if you get stuck with a problem part, well, you have lots of help!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!


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pollyanna said...

Lovely 2009 project! I am taking a little break from sewing...that thing called w*rk is back *sigh* LOL Still have a dress for our New Zealand girl :) Have a wonderful new year and stay warm! *smooch*