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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Red, White and Black Quilt Top Finished

Here is a picture of my red, white and black quilt top that I finished a couple of days ago. My "holder" was available to hold last night so I was finally able to take a picture (sorry it is so dark!) I have to say that this is not one of my most favorite quilts--I think the red is too red or something, since it seems to jump at you and you don't really "see" the rest of the reds, blacks and whites---I'm sure a color theorist could use all the correct terms and tell me the right way, but it just seems "off" somehow! Any thoughts on the subject?
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julieQ said...

Love, love, love this quilt! I need to make a red, black and white quilt too!

pollyanna said...

I like this pattern and love this whole quilt, even though I know what you mean by the links overshadowing the rest of the colors. I don't see read anywhere else. I do love the pattern and love black and white and reds! I think I might find it and make it myself :)