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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busy Day at Sit N Sew

We had a little mini class at Sit N Sew today when 4 of us started our Mystery Quilt. The fabrics are shown in the first picture. Mine will be a lap size quilt---55x70. Some of the others are working on queen size quilts. The first thing we did was make a little pincushion that taught us how to do the flying geese that we will need to do in this first part of the quilt. The second picture shows mine--isn't it cute? The method we used made 4 flying geese at one time--it is somewhat like the Eleanor Burns method, but was a little different, although we used her rulers to line them up and square them up at the end. Then we were to cut out our fabric, but I chose to wait and cut mine at home where it is quiet---I couldn't concentrate too well on what I was doing with all the "fun," ie. talking going on around me!!!! We definitely have a lot of things to talk about at Sit N Sew and I wouldn't miss it for anything!!!!!

The third picture is of the flower basket that goes in the third block of the Polka Dot Girls quilt. Now I'm working on the big square that goes in that block.

I also started on the Civil War quilt that I got for my birthday and have done a couple of nine-patch blocks for that---I'll take pictures when I have done a few more.

Two rows are sewn together for my red,white and black quilt, but that got tedious, so that's why I started the Civil War fabric one---now I will probably have too many irons in the fire, but that's half the fun---right?!!!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



pollyanna said...

Busy woman! I love that pin cushion! Great job and how cute is it?! And the most fun is the talking, isn't it? Hope you enjoyed the views on the way there ;) LOL

Debi said...

Wonderful fabrics, and the pincushion is great. I love your latest PDG block...I need to trace mine.