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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More blocks!

I finished Block 3 of the Polka Dot Girls and the Grandmother's Flower Garden for the 1930's Sampler from Eleanor Burns and the binding on the Raffle quilt for the grandboys Pre-School raffle that will be held in the spring. I feel like I have accomplished a lot! I am half way through a card trick block for the Civil War quilt, too--those are tricky blocks. I need to do 5 of them. The directions are very skimpy and I'm glad that I have some quilting under my belt as I'm tackling these!
We have been having lovely, cool fall weather here in North Teas and the puppy and I have been enjoying a walk every morning. He gets very excited when his leash comes out and is so happy to lead the way!! For 14 years old he can go and go and go--then he comes home and sleeps the rest of the day!!!! I guess he knows these walks are good for me, too because he starts barking and jumping for joy when I start to put on my socks!!!! Hope you can enjoy some nice weather where you are!
Let quilting help you make someone smile!!


Debi said...

Great blocks Jan. You are so ahead of me on Block #3. I have not even finished by flower basket yet!

dd2 said...

Who wouldn't love the Polka Dot Girls? So sweet!