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Monday, April 21, 2008

Two More Barn Blocks

Big Red Barn and the Hen House are finished and ready for occupancy in the Old Barns quilt! Some chickens moved into the Hen house, but don't know what's in the Old Red Barn yet-probably cows and bossy calves!!! The farm is almost complete with only 2 barns left to do and then I start on the setting of the blocks. The setting includes quite a few Log Cabin blocks, they should go quickly, I hope.

I have come to believe that I am goal or project oriented--rather than enjoying the journey so to speak of the whole quilt--once I get started on one, I tend to want to see it through and can't wait to see it finished. But that's not to say that I can't have other ones going at the same time, because I like the variety of several things going at once--then you are never bored with just one type of project going at one time! Plus it's always good to have some handwork to pick up, too. I really don't think that you should count the projects that are not started as UFOs or WIPs (Works in Progress) because they are still really just ideas, even though you may have the fabric for them, you really don't know EXACTLY what you are going to do with them--right?! So they can't be unfinished because they aren't really started--you follow my logic on this? So if I follow my logic I really only have 4 quilts started or UFOs. If I counted the other way I would have 14+ UFOs. I do like my way of counting better, don't you?!

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