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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Purse Block Number Seven

Purse block number 7 is finished which leaves only one more puse block to go and my Heirloom Romance will be ready to sew together since I have all the other blocks finished!!! YEAH!! Doing the happy dance! Then I will sew some more embroidery on the seams and tie it off and it will be finished! The buttons are true antiques because they belonged to my grandmother--she probably used them several times on clothing that she wore--they have the "used" or "loved well" look about them!

Also finished is the middle block of the old barns quilt. Those triangles took some doing--the pattern called for a freezer paper technique which I wasn't too sure about, so I paper pieced them, but I forgot to trim the extra fabric as I went and didn't think about until I was sewing them on and wondered why they were so heavy--ah well, nothing to do about it now because they are all sewn on, but the next ones I will do the correct way! Why I didn't think of it I'll never know--sometimes we just do things the wrong way without thinking!! I was probably in a hurry to get them done and rushed through it without stopping to think about it!! I bet none of you ever do that!!!! ?? LOL!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Bren said...

I love the purse block. I can't wait to see your blocks all together!
The center for the barns is wonderful...only you will know about not trimming the excess. We have all done it. I really dislike paper pieceing, so just doing it is a chore to me.

Debi said...

The purse blocks are really coming along nicely, and you are almost finished, can't wait to see the finished quilt. Your barn block is awesome.

NanaKaren said...

Jan, your purse block is beautiful, as are the others I've seen! Love the barn blocks too. Looking forward to seeing these quilts when they're finished.