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Friday, April 4, 2008

Another Barn Block Done!

This is the fourth barn for the barns quilt and is the Hayloft Barn. The cows are grazing in the meadow and the hay is in the barn so it must be summer time! It's such fun picking out the fabrics for these patterns. Sure the cows don't fit exactly, but the Quilt Police haven't stopped me yet!!! LOL!!!

The next picture shows the row of Wild Duck blocks from the Mystery RRRR from Debi's blog. I like the way these look--they play well with the other blocks!

The other quilt picture is called "Happy Day at the Zoo" and is for Project Linus. We will deliver it tomorrow along with another one when we (Debi, Maynard and I) go to the Quitman quilt shop Stitchin' Heaven and participate in a talk along with the Tyler/Longview Project Linus coordinators about our quilts and the Quilting Passion forum. Last week we (Debi, Maynard and I) took Tyler/Longview Project Linus 17 quilts (Debi made 11 and I made 6)and they were so happy to get them. There is always such a need and we love making them. So that's what I am off to do this afternoon--more PL quilts--I have several bundles of FQs that work just right for the Yellow Brick Row pattern and it is such fun and so easy to do --one of my favorites!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



amandajean said...

I love the quilt for Linus! it's fantastic. I need to make some to donate, too.

julieQ said...

Sure like your barn block, it is of my favorites! Wonderful Linus quilt too...