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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Heirloom Romance Quilt Top

I finished the last purse block and sewed the quilt top together--no borders yet because I still have some embroidery to do around the last seams, but the main part is together!!! Can you tell I'm excited???!!! LOL!! (Sorry the picture isn't better, but my quilt holder is at work and I just can't wait to post a pitcure!!!!) This Heirloom Romance quilt has been a lot of fun to do, but I will only do one!!!Now to work on the barn quilt and some more Project Linus quilts--the list never ends, does it--nice to have handwork to pick up to do in front of the TV or when you feel like you can't take another stitch at the machine--I'm sure you know that feeling--or maybe I'm the only one that feels that way sometimes. Seems like I have to be struck with the right mood to sew some days!!!
Do you keep lists of projects you have going on or UFO's? I have tried doing that, but then I forget to add new things and my list never stays updated. I try to keep them in my head, but every now and then I run across a project that I forgot about and then it becomes something entirely new or I think "what in the world did I buy that for?" Guess I need to find a better way--any suggestions? Tell me what you do!
Let quilting help you make someone smile!


Debi said...

I just love the heirloom romance quilt top, and those fabrics are beautiful. I do keep a list of projects in order needed for completion. However, I do not keep a list of the tops that need quilting.

Greenmare said...

oh I love your purse block! Excellent job!!