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Monday, December 3, 2007

Two quilts--alike yet different!

Finished 2 more Project Linus quilts that used the same pattern--Just Can't Cut It---but different focus fabrics. The first one is Tea Party Picnic and the second one is Zoey's Zoo. I used the same accent fabrics from a sale at my favorite quilt store, Quilt Mercantile, and then different main fabrics so the look is just a little bit different in each one. This is a great pattern if you don't want to cut up your focus fabric into small pieces, so that more of it shows.

Let quilting help you make someone smile.



Gina said...

That looks like a great fast quilt pattern.

love and hugs xx

Debi said...

Those are lovely, and the kids will love them.

Jan said...

THanks Gina--It's a great pattern--I made the 2 quilts in a day!!!

Anne Gentle said...

What an interesting set of two contrasting pictures. Really proves a point about quilting and contrast and fabric patterns. I guess the point is, you can get lots of different effects with different placement. Interesting!