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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Great Shopping Adventure!

My great friend Debi and I had a wonderful shopping adventure today! After breakfast at IHOP, we ventured to Dallas to Golden D'or Fabric Outlet for $2.99 fabric. What a selection they had. It was Debi's second trip and my first, so she showed me the way around--they had a huge amount of all kinds of fabrics, but we hit cottons, of course. We didn't even get to the clearance room! The fabrics were all well-known brands and it was hard to decide just what to get! I got some fabrics for backings for Project Linus quilts and some for whole cloth quilts for Project Linus and the rest just because they were pretty blenders and some because they had music on them for my collection of music fabrics. What a fun shopping day!

Debi also gave me the cutest teapot with music on it (I love the piano) and made me a cute pincushion for my collection and also gave me a neat pattern as a Christmas present. I am blessed having a friend like Debi! We met online at the Quilting Passion Forum. We hit it off right away. She feels like the sister I've never had!

Friday, our Tuesday Sit N Sew group met for a Christmas party--there were 14 of us who met at Jackie's house and what a fun time we had! We did sit and sew for awhile and then had a wonderful pot-luck lunch. Then we had a very different Chinese Gift exchange. We each held our own bag while Jackie read a story about the "Wrights" and their comings and goings which had us passing the bags to the "right" or the "left". Soon all the bags were all mixed up and so were we!!!! Then we did the exchange part, where you could open the bag you had or chose another bag or take someone else's gift--it was lots and lots of fun and laughter and a few moans and groans when someone got their gift taken and replaced!!!! I ended up with a Fons and Porter thread tin that I was very happy to receive! It was a wonderful day and made lots of memories!! We voted on a new name for our group which is "The Frayed Edges Quilters."

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

YOu did make a haul at the fabric store...lol. I really like the thread tin, it is pretty. I am so glad the ladies decided to become an offical group. The ones I have met are really nice.

NanaK said...

Sure wish I lived closer to you and Debi, Jan! Would have loved to shop at that fabric store! I do love fabrics and bargains! Glad you had such a fun weekend.