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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Second String Quilt Blocks!

Here's some more string quilt blocks. This one is from the book "Strips and Strings" by Evelyn Sloppy. You sew a string piece 5" x 40" long and trim it to 4" x 40" long, then sew it to a solid piece--in my case green. (As seen in the first picture.) You then sew that piece to another piece just like it and cut 10" triangular blocks, unfold them and have blocks like in the second picture--very hard to explain, but the book does a great job of making it all very easy! Like my friend, Debi, I'm trying to use up all my scraps and this is a good way to do it!

Feeling like organizing the other night, I dived into my big basket of scraps and weeded them out--I cut all the pieces that were big enough to cut into 2.5" strips and put anything smaller than 2.5" into a separate bin for string quilts. Then I got out my book "Can of Worms" by Debbie Caffey to pick out some quilts to do. Lots of ideas in there! So that should keep me busy, too! Now I plan to go through my stash and pick out anything smaller than a FQ and cut it up for these string or 2.5 quilts--sounds like a good cold weather day project! It's called stash busting, isn't it??!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

Woo hoo, use up those scraps. I really like your string blocks. Yes we are stash busting, who would have thought! lol

dd2 said...

What a cool idea - Of course, I am always amazed and how the little pieces turn into pieces of art.