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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Here We Go for Two More

Thunderstorms are rumbling through as I type this out tonight, so I may not stay very long at the computer. We certainly do need the rain, so I hope the thunder is not all empty promises!!!!

The first one is Michael Miller prints and I just couldn't bear to cut up those fabulous flowers, so I left the piece whole and put borders around it of fabric from the same line. I dearly love Michael Miller's fabrics! I like the way this one came together---very simple, but pretty. I hope some little girl likes it! I called "MM Flowers."

The second one is called "Zig-Zag Sports." This was the third option from the pattern: "3 hours, 3 yards, 3 fabrics." This was another fun one to do!

Hope you are staying safe from the storms where you are!

Let qulting help you make someone smile.



Allie said...

Love them both - especially the flowers, though! Stay safe Jan, and unplug that computer. We're supposed to get rain for the next five days, ugh.

Lynn W. said...

Too cute, Jan. Hope you get lots of rain since it looks like your area could use it (but not lightning strikes).