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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quilter and Husband Maynard

Husband Maynard is making his first quilt and he chose quite a project for his first one! Triangles in an octagonal setting--I think they are called LeMoyne Stars sometimes---Correct me on that one, please, if I am wrong!!!! The pattern is in a current issue of McCall's quilting.

I got a picture of him sewing and of the first half of his first quilt! Also a picture of him at the Little Gracie Pro II quilting a log cabin quilt for Project Linus. He is concentrating very hard at both tasks!!!!! He is an engineer so he has figured out different ways to do the quilt and since he is also a woodworker, and I didn't have the triangle template that he needed, he went out to the workshop (man cave) and made himself one of each of the two sizes that he needed!!!! I was impressed!

It's nice to have him share my hobby---he doesn't complain about fabric purchases, since he makes fabric purchases, too!! It is hard sometimes to share the sewing room, but I just set up the trusty Featherweight in the kitchen and I sew merrily along out there! We've been married 42 years, so I guess we have learned to share!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Myra said...

Go Maynard! His quilt is looking great.

Debi said...

Great job Maynard!

Allie said...

What a blessing to have him share your hobby - what an amazing guy! His quilt is fabulous!!!!!

julieQ said...

That is so awesome that your dear husband quilts too...another way to be close!

Khris said...

WOW...what a man....does he cook too? If so does he want to come visit Australia...lol...hugs