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Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Kind of Disappearing Four-Patch

Ran across this wonderful tutorial for making another kind of Disappearing Four Patch block, so just had to try it! It is easy, but looks complicated and that's what we like! I just realized that I forgot the top and bottom borders when I took the picture and so you will have to imagine them on there!!!! Wow, talk about being absent minded! The tutorial will tell you how to do the block.

"Red and Green Log Cabin" is a quilt that is going to Project Linus. I'm starting another pile of quilts to be delivered. I delivered a pile of 20 quilts a week ago--they are always so happy to get them. Makes me happy and spurred on to continue making them!

Last, but certainly not least are two pictures of a darling little pincushion that my friend JoAnn made for me. I turned it on it's side so you could see that it is made in a tartlet pan. It is just precious! Thank you, JoAnn!!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Allie said...

I'll have to check out that tutorial, that really does look hard! I love it.
Love the Red and Green quilt! And the pincushion, boy is that cute - not sure if I could bear to stick pins in it!

Terry said...

Love the disappearing four patch! Thanks for the link to the tutorial! I have to give that one a try! :0)

dd2 said...

I like the Disappearing Nine Patch. It is *almost* as pretty as the Yellow Brick Road pattern and the Stack&Whack pattern. Hmmm, is that the right name?