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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Almost Caught Up With Project Linus Quilts!

Here are 4 more PL quilts and I'm almost caught up!!! These were ones I had done at retreat--had help naming these-=-Jackie and JoAnn came up with cute names!

The first one is called "Life Savers." It is one of the "Challenge That I Gave Myself" quilts. It is made of Half Square Triangles and I used my pile of brights to choose the fabric from. I love bright! Second one is called "Skittles"---it's also very bright!

The third one I called "Neon Hula Hoops" because there are circles in the focus fabric that remind me of hula hoops---guess I am thinking about the hula hoops because that is one thing I can't do on the Fitness tape on the Wii!!!!! This is another of the "Challenge I Gave Myself" quilts also. I have done 7 in that challenge with 5 to go!

The fourth one is called "Strawberry Lemonade." It's not quite as bright as the others, but is right up there in second place!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

All of them are precious, you do such great work.

julieQ said...

Wonderful work...I have to say, you get so much done for so many!! Good for you!

Allie said...

They're fabulous, Jan! Wow only five more to in your challenge - you are so busy! How many PL quilts do you make each year?