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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Redwood Quilt

This kit was purchased at the quilt store in Kerrville, Texas called Creations. I fell in love with the backing when I first saw it in the window. It is a very simple patchwork design, but it shows off the colors of the fabrics---called Redwood---- so well. I folded the corner so you could see the backing. The little white dot in the photo is from my camera--the picture just doesn't show the richness of the fabrics though.----------Maybe its time for a new camera!!!

I have all my dolly dresses embellished and today I hope to set the top together with the sashings. Also adding to my pile for the retreat. I have a list that I keep from retreat to retreat, so that helps me a lot. We divide up the food preparation, so that makes it more pleasant---you can sew and know you only have to think about cooking food for breakfast and one meal. We eat very well!!!! LOL!!!

It's another beautiful spring-like day today and this kind of weather makes me want to-----------------clean---go figure! So the last 2 days, I have been dusting and doing the floors and just giving the house a good spring cleaning--I know it isn't spring yet, but at least I have a nice clean house. I have been splitting it up into several days, so that helps a lot---too old to do it all in one day anymore!!!! Today will be vacuuming day!!! But I will be quilting some, too!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

Wow, justreading about your housework makes me tired! lol This little quilt is awesome, love the fabrics.

Myra said...

I love those colors too Jan - so rich! I need to do more cleaning and less computing. :o)

NanaKaren said...

Beautiful quilt, Jan. I love the colors.

Hey, do you hire out? My house needs spiffing up!!! LOL

Now, when spring comes here, and who knows when?? I'll have the windows open and spend most of the day cleaning! Seems like I'm not too energetic after being cooped up here in the cold!

Allie said...

Jan I love that quilt - the colors are amazing and I LOVE that backing fabric! Wow.
I can't wait to see your dolly dresses quilt! I'm not at all ready for spring cleaning, it's going to be a huge chore this year. Sigh. It's been a bad winter for arthritis and things have been let go.

JHM said...

Where do you go on retreats at? I am interested in starting a retreat of my own at some point and would like to visit a few retreats... I know there is one out in Magnolia but her calendar is pretty booked

Jan said...

JHM--if you leave me an email addy, I will be glad to answer your question....I see you don't have one in your profile-----Jan

Gari said...

I've been doing some of that cleaning, too. When I get up I turn the heat on in the studio and then return to the house to do clean up stuff. Then in the afternoon, when it isn't freezing in the studio, I quilt. Works good, at least until it warms up.

julieQ said...

I know what you mean about the housework...my day is tomorrow! Love your quilt!

Quilted Quickies said...

I love the shop (Creations) in Kerrville Texas. I went there while headed to Quilt Market in Houston. I hope to visit there again someday. Anyway....love the fabrics in this quilt! The backing is gorgeous!!