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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Great Retreat!

Lots of pictures of our Sit and Sew Retreat--I hope you don't mind! Number 1 is Linda with a Wedding quilt (I forget the real name of the quilt), we called it a wedding quilt because it is a gift for a wedding!!!! What a beauty! The second one shows my Challenge #6 quilt--I got a lot of Yellow Brick Road quilts done for Project Linus and as I was making them, my friend Jackie, sitting next to me, was naming them. This one she named Life Savers. I'll post pictures as we get them quilted and finished up.

Picture #3 is Ruby with her Texas quilt. It is redwork and so pretty. Picture #4 is Lynn with an I Spy quilt. So cute! Number 5 shows Lou (on right) and Joann with Lou's applique quilt--it is more beautiful than the picture shows---a real work of art! Next is number #6 ---- Linda with another Texas Redwork quilt---shows up better than Ruby's---ready to put into that special spot at home! Number 7 is Joann's 76 Tombones (you saw Joann in another picture!) Number 8 shows Dequita with Baskets of Flowers that is special in that she framed the baskets with fabrics from her mothers dresses--it's beautiful and what a keepsake! Last, but certainly not least is Deborah with her Fireworks quilt--it is wonderful!

What a great group of ladies! I didn't get a picture of Jackie with her quilt on the wall, but she got a lot done, too. We laughed and talked and sewed and can't forget-ate and played Fat Quarter Lotto----what fun to get away for 3 days!!!! Next one for me is in May and for this group is August......................can't wait!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



julieQ said...

Looks like so much fun! Thank you for sharing...I love the quilt pictures, and the happy quilters.

Allie said...

WOW. Love the colors in your challenge quilt. You're on number six already??? Life Savers is the perfect name!
Love the 76 Trombones and the Fireworks quilts too - they're all wonderful!