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Friday, September 14, 2007

Wedding Rings!

Here's a new to me version of Wedding Rings--I had tried the other kind and decided that kind was not for me, but this kind I can handle! This one block will be repeated 4 times and turned a different way each time to make up the lap sized quilt. I'm making it for a friend who is getting married in December.

It's a fun block to do, but you want to keep your wits about you as you do it because otherwise you will turn something the wrong way and all of a sudden your rings will not be intertwining the way they should be--don't ask me how I know!

So 3 more blocks to go and the borders and another one will be added to the quilting pile which has started to grow again--funny how it does that!

Now to get started on some more Project Linus quilts that I bought fabric for the other day at Sit N Sew. Quilt Mercantile had fabric on sale for just $3.50 a yard and not being one to pass up a bargain, I bought several yards for charity quilts--many are fun prints that will work well for "Just Can't Cut It," "Yellow Brick Road," and a couple of panel quilts with borders. There's always something on the "Things to do" list!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



kcamou said...

It looks great and like one I'd definitely be up for trying... not so sure about the traditional one myself.

Jan said...

Thanks Kimberly--yeah, that traditional one is a toughie--I tried one and oh boy!