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Friday, September 7, 2007

Strings Attached!

My string blocks are finished and ready to sew together. It was like eating a certain brand of potato chips--you can't have just one! These blocks are addictive in a way! It was fun chosing the next string and deciding what to put with what or sometimes just throwing caution to the wind and using whatever I pulled out of the bin!

The bin didn't seem to go down in size though, but I decided that's because I "fluffed" it up every time I pulled out a string!

I found a very useful tool to use while trimming up these blocks--a revolving turntable cutting board. The first picture shows it revolving around. When you use it you only position the block one time and you turn the board instead of the block. The second picture shows the block in position ready to be cut. Much easier to do! (Not affiliated with the company, just like the product!)

This quilt probably won't need any batting since the foundation blocks of muslin will give an extra layer in the middle and it will be going to East Texas Project Linus where it is usually warm most of the year around. I'll probably quilt it with an all over pantograph design on the quilting machine. Or I should say Maynard (my DH) will quilt it!!!! He does most of the PL quilts. Every now and then I tie one off with a fatter batting or quilt one on the Bernina, but all in all he does most of them. It's good teamwork and I'm glad to be a part of this team!!!!

Now we're off for a week-end with the grandboys and to celebrate Evan's 4th birthday. In ways, it doesn't seem possible that he could be this old already and yet in ways he seems so much older and wiser than 4 years old! It will be a fun time. We'll get to see his brother Nathan, too who will be turning 1 year old next month! How time truly does fly by!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

Great string blocks, but if you have not made a dent in the stash, it is time to make MORE! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with the grandkids.

Jan said...

I guess MORE is the keyword here--right??!!

Jeanne said...

Your string blocks turned out great! Did it make a dent in your pile of strings? Probably not, but now you'll have a wonderful quilt and strings!

Jan said...

Thanks Jeanne--no dent in the pile, but enough to make more!!!!!