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Monday, September 3, 2007

Turning Leaves!

"Turning Leaves" is a good name for a quilt for fall. Not only are the leaves turning, but it's a time to "turn over " or start over again. To me, fall is a new beginning, not just New Years. The weather is cooling down and I always feel like starting up my walking regimen again and getting back on my diet and sticking to it (for awhile, if I tell the truth now!!!!)

I feel like starting those new projects that I just "looked at" in the summer and thought "Oh, it's just too hot to do that!" We get out the fall and winter clothes (although that's more a Midwestern thing than Texan thing, I guess! Hard to take the Midwest out of this Texan!!! LOL!!) and I always like to get a new shower curtain for the bath, just to make things fresh and clean again! ---Change can be a good thing!

It's nice to think of the cooler weather coming and being able to comfortably curl up with a quilt to hand quilt, finish the binding or applique without the sticky feeling that you get even with the A/C running.

And oh, the fall foods: acorn squash, crisp, red apples, apple cider with cake donuts at the hay ride, and orange pumpkins. One of the ladies brought pumpkin cake to Sunday School on Sunday and that heralded in Fall for me!!!! I did say diet, didn't I?

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Debi said...

Your quilt is lovely and really makes me think of fall. I think I will pull out my autumn wreath and put it on the door!

Sheryl said...

I love your falling leaves quilt, and I also feel the way you do about the rejuvenating powers of autumn. It's my favorite season, and I get the same burst of energy as the weather cools down. (It was about 100 today, so I'm patiently waiting for coolness.)

You reminded me of my pumpkin cake recipe, the one with the cream cheese frosting! Mmmmmm!

Jan said...

Thanks Debi--maybe if we all get out our fall things we can hurry up the cooler weather!

Jan said...

Thanks Sheryl! I'll be over for pumpkin cake! LOL!

swooze said...

Love that quilt! I love fall. And here is a free dieting tip. Fatten your friends....it makes you appear thinner!