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Monday, January 31, 2011

Two Project Linus Quilts

2011 is going to be about tying up loose ends and finishing projects I have wanted to do and/or have started! So here are two quilts that fall in that category! The first one I called "Show Me the Money" because there are pictures of money on one the pieces of material----although you'll probably have to enlarge the picture to see it!

The second one reminded me of the commercial that shows the pig in the back seat of a car hanging out the window with his pinwheel---that's why I picked this name. I laugh everytime I see it!

Supposed to have a big ice storm and snow tomorrow and into Wednesday, so I've made sure I have lots of yarn and fabric (goodness, I'll never run through all that stash!!!) to work with through the storm!! Everyone that might be in a storm, please be careful!

We had a wonderful day on Saturday. BFF Debi and I drove to Ponder and met up with Brenda, Sally and Carol, plus Shannon (Debi's DD) and Kaye (Debi's cousin) to have a sewing day---what fun we had. We always have fun together and even manage to get some sewing done, along with the talking and laughter! It's about an hour and a half drive for Debi and I, but the time goes by so fast with all our talking!! Good way to catch up with everything!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Barb said...

The purple one is gorgeous...

ywilma said...

I have always loved the quilts you make Jan. You do such beautiful work.

Lots of kiddies out there who will enjoy them all.