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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grandson's Birthday at Krispy Kreme

This was a first for me and lots of fun-----------youngest Grandson, Nathan held his 4th birthday party at Krispy Kreme Donut Shop. We had fun eating donuts and watching them being made---wow---- they make a lot of donuts at one time! Even the adults were impressed! Nathan even had a donut cake which was enjoyed by everyone. Everyone especially liked the ones with orange and black sprinkles.

Then, since it was my birthday, too I chose to eat at my favorite Mexican place, Chuy's----we had a great time there, too. The boys are troopers and acted like gentlemen.

Also, here's a picture of my latest barn block-----------this is a 6" one, so that tells you how little the blue and yellow quilt block is. In fact, Eleanor Burns' pattern was written so that you made two at one time and then told you to pick out the best one---------I thought that was such a great idea!!!!

Hope you are having great days where ever you are!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!


Allie said...

JAN!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND YOUR GRANDSON!!!!!!!!!!! I think a Krispy Kreme cake sounds awesome. Wish I had one right now....been a few minutes since dinner, lol.
Love your little block, but boy it's tiny - not sure I could make something that small!
I hope you're celebrating your birthday all week, Jan!

Lynn W. said...

What a fun party for your grandson and for you to experience. And a pleasant outing to celebrate your birthday as well. Slightly belated Happy Birthday wishes since I did't read blogs while on a cruise last week.