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Friday, October 15, 2010

Two New Flimsys

The first quilt is called "Barbed Wire" and is from the book "Scrap Basket Surprise." That is the best book---I have made a lot of the quilts in there! This was made with all scraps from my stash. That made me feel good!!!! I liked the secondary pattern of the little pinwheels!

More fun with the AccuQuilt GO! I used the 8 1/2" Tumbler die and made a Tumbler quilt. It made the cutting of the blocks so precise and the corners were rounded off, too. This is the first Tumbler that I have made and I found that I liked it! I evened off the sides and put a border on.
This was all from scraps in my stash, too. You'd think my stash would be going down, but it's the same old story--it's fluffed up and looks like more!!!!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Gari said...

Looks like you are on a roll, and a good one, too. I really like that first quilt. It is beautiful.

Debi said...

Wow those quilts are beautiful. I think I need to make the first one as well.

Allie said...

Those are so great Jan, you are on fire with your GO! cutter! Love the pinwheels in the first quilt. Beautiful!

ponderpiggy said...

Jan!! Do I remember the first one as a block at the retreat?! Wow! Really nice!

Your tumbler is cute too. And, I love you used your scraps!

Great job on both!!!

julieQ said...

Well, gorgeous as usually! What a fun red quilt...I have not seen that pattern before.