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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quilt Barn Block One

Quilt In A Day Block Number One shown here from the book by Eleanor Burns called Quilt Blocks On American Barns. Her directions are so clear and nice. If you really follow step by step, you can turn out a nice block. Which I still ended up making a couple of mistakes, which tells you I overlooked a couple of steps--------oh, woe is me! But the block still turned out nice, I think!

Our weather has continued to be very nice, but every day they forecast rain and storms, and we don't get them, so I think our Indian Summer will be coming to an end soon! I will miss it! Even though I don't do much outside because of severe allergies, I still like to see the sun streaming in the windows and cheering everything up!

Hope things are sunny where you are!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Allie said...

That turned out beautifully, Jan! Doesn't look like you missed anything to me. I do that all the time - I can't follow a pattern to save my life.

Our weather has turned very cold, but next week will be almost 70 - I'm sure all the beautiful leaves will be gone by then though. Some spots are so brilliant, it looks like the sun is shining even though it's grey!

Terry said...

Great block! I love the windmill! We had a frost last night and it's only 54 today, but it's sunny again so that's good! :0)

Gari said...

Really nice block. You did a great job.

dd2 said...

The WINDMILL! I love this block - can't wait to see the quilt. May be my favorite block. :)

dd2 said...

And, Happy Birthday!