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Friday, October 8, 2010

Tiny Tote Bags

These are some tiny tote bags that I made for my grandkids just in time for Halloween. they weren't made with trick or treating in mind, but rather just for a little something from Grandma and Grandpa. They were lots of fun to make and you can find the directions here. You can make 4 small bags from 2 fat quarters. They are tiny, but oh, so cute! They are easy to make, too. I had a lot of fun with them!

I'm out of the boot now and walking carefully on my own! Feels so good! Have been back to Sit and Sew twice now and that feels wonderful! So much fun to see what everyone else is doing! I feel at loose ends here though---don't know what to start on next. Doing some odds and ends now. Will probably start on the Quilt Barns quilt by Eleanor Burns. I have all the fabric, so it's just a matter of starting in with the cutting.

I'm so excited about this truly wonderful thing that my BFF is doing for me----------------------she is giving me the AccuCut GO that she won in the contest that she entered on JulieK's blog----she says that I will use it more that she will----I'm getting it tomorrow. I am truly blessed to have a friend like that! For I know that I will really use it and I have wanted one for a long time. I am doing a truly happy, happy dance to say the least! Thank you, Debi!

She had it at the retreat and I used it to cut stars and hearts and tumblers and it was awesome! I had the most fun with it! It is a remarkable machine!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Myra said...

Your tiny totes are so cute Jan! Wow, what a wonderful thing of Debi to give that cutter to you. She is very kind and generous. You will have to let us know how you like it.

Allie said...

Those bags are so cute Jan, what a nice way to package some treats. I think your BFF is wonderful, I know you'll get a LOT of use out of it, with all the charity quilts you make! Congrats on getting out of the boot too, that's great news - how is hubby doing???

ponderpiggy said...

Your bags are just too cute!!! The GK's are gonna love 'em!
I finished the candle mats yesterday. Took me as long to do the binding as make the mats! I even SITD around the logs! Aren't you proud of me? GRIN!!!
As for Debi...she is really a wonderful, caring, generous friend. How great that she is giving you the cutter...you will have so much fun with it! Save your scraps for me...I looked in the scrap bag from that...I see a 'Leftover' PL quilt in the future!!!
Have fun tomorrow! Hugs to both of you!

Staci said...

Hey Jan, Very cute little bags. I'm sure the children will love them!

Wilma NC said...

How neat to have such a good friend!! Hope you love the cutter.

Anne Gentle said...

The boys love the bags! Nate took his to preschool today full of little toys and his teacher and preschool director thought it was so cute. :)