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Monday, July 20, 2009

Pieces of the Mystery Quilt.....

Here is another mystery quilt that I am working on---the pattern is found here and on the Quilting Bee forum------thanks to Valerie who has designed it and is putting up the clues every Monday and Thursday.

This shows what I have done up through the middle of Part #4. This is to be small--maybe wall hanging or Project Linus size quilt.

Speaking of Project Linus, we delivered some quilts to the Happiness Is...............Quilting quilt store in McKinney and Project Linus was having a sew-in day and the sewing machines were getting a work out--it was nice to see that the tables were all filled up---they couldn't have fit another person in, I don't think---they were all busy sewing away----they had just finished show and tell of a contest of patriotic quilts---they were beautiful! Now it will be nice to put a name and face together with the co-ordinator! Of course, I had to buy some $1.25 FQs while I was there---can't pass those up!!!!

DFW Gang is getting together again to have a Sit and Sew and I think I will work on more YBRs--I have 3 more to quilt and I will be caught up---Maynard is getting caught up on the big quilts, too--only 5 more of those to go---feels so good to get caught up, doesn't it!

I have been cutting out quilts though for the 2 retreats I have coming up in August, got to stay one step ahead!

Let quilting help you make someone smile!



Crispy said...

I look forward to seeing your mystery quilt...Val does a wonderful job on dreaming them up.


Allie said...

Oh my I used to live in McKinney! Before quilting though. I also lived in Plano, Garland, and Allen.
Sounds like a lovely day!

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

You are always so industrious and when combined with your and Maynard wonderful quilting abilities and both of your huge hearts...it's just so wonderful. I'm glad you will get to be with all of the members of your wonderful group, again. Have lots and lots of fun!!!

PS come over to my blog...I'm trying to get lots and lots of comments for today's give-away as Freddy and Gwen are being sent the whole post as part of the production company's efforts to get the word out through the power of blogs and bloggers!!!